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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  February 25, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we'll start you off with a view of the capitol this morning. we are seeing some snowflakes
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out there. we're glad you're with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. man, can we have a thursday where we're not talking about snow? >> we will. >> this is the third one in a row. >> we'll have one at some point. >> maybe next week. >> maybe next week. we'll cross our fingers on that. there is a little bit of snow out there. primarily to the east as tucker has been saying and showing to you. here is a live lk at northwest washington not too far from the station. that really tells you the story. a few flakes here and there. even a few raindrops here and there as well. not much happening in the city. not much happening at all out to the west. you were mentioning your drive in from the west. frankly, if you had kept driving out towards anne arundel county, then you would have seen some snow out there. let me show you hd radar, we'll show you how things are shaping up. there is your story. most of the precipitation off to the east, eastern portions of maryland, delaware. look like ocean city is now
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getting some snow beginning to fall. salisbury, you've seen some snow. easton, you may be getting a bit of a mix with rainfall mixing with that. so any significant accumulations are going to be off to the east and that will be a couple or a few inches out there. the farther east and the farther north you go, the more significant snowfall and as we said yesterday in the northeast, that is where they will get the significant snow. new york city, maybe six to 12. >> it is their turn. >> yeah, it is their turn. eight to 15 inches something like that. take a look at the maps here. here is your big storm system. the brunt of the storm being felt to the north and east. we will continue i think during the morning hours to see some snow showers again primarily to the east of the washington area. but we can't rule out some continued snow showers later today and even into tomorrow as that system, although it pulls away from us, rotates around and sends some more little bits of energy into the mid-atlantic region. current temperatures, this has been our saving grace as most
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of our temperatures are over 32 degrees. i think that will be the case for parts of the region. although some spots we'll see the temperatures drop down to about the freezing mark. reagan national, 35 right now. 35 at dulles and 34 at bwi marshall. your forecast for today, winter weather advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. early snow, rain and then cloudy. becoming quite windy. think that will be the main story, the wind. they'll gust up to 35 miles per hour later today. high temperature today about 40 degrees. >> those wind are pretty calm right now. >> pretty calm. they will pick up this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow, strong winds. >> okay. let's check in with julie an get a look at -- and get a look at traffic. >> not looking so bad right now. traffic volume working in our favor. we've seen a number of trucks working overnight. right now, it is not so bad but you got to proceed with caution. you got to slow it down. if you are traveling outbound on 50 headed over towards the bay bridge, accident involving a tractor-trailer. that activity according to state highway has cleared so
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the lane are open but again, traffic jammed up badly leaving white hall road headed eastbound trying to continue over towards the eastern shore. we had traffic moving just a little bit better than this shot just a few moments ago. just slow riding now over towards the eastern shore, towards kent island p westbound, all of the lanes are open. traveling eastbound 66 across the tr bridge, lanes are open here as well. elevated passages, the bridges, ramps, overpasses tend to freeze before anything else so do keep that in mind. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we all necessity you are probably tired of the snow by now. it is back, just a little bit though right now. >> snow may as well be a four- letter word around here. sar simil monday is joining us live this were more thanking from silver spring where they are getting ready again. >> reporter: i think you're right. i think people are tired of hearing about it. but i think the good thing right now i can tell you here had silver spring, it appears to be fairly qui. off and organization we've seen some snowflakes and a few raindrops but we have noticed
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that crews have been out here. the salt dome appears to be well stocked at this point. pretty quiet though. but a lot of the pretreating of the salt brine on the highways has already been done. there are still some crews out there that will be treating the highways. they will be hitting those hard up north. plow drivers will be out there in force but obviously, it doesn't sound like we will have as much as they do north of us. that is good news here. v d.o.t. says it will have about 1,000 trucks out there on the roadways starting by about 8:00 a.m. they've already pretreated as well on the major interstates like 66, 495, those portions as well. they say they will also have some tree crews out making sure that any kind of tree branches that come down, get those out of the highway as quickly as possible because they are
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anticipating any high winds that they're going to be prepared for that as well. but right now here in silver spring, fairly quiet. let's hope it stays that way. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. another big story, the preappears push for health care reform continues today with a bipartisan summit for all the world to see. temptic and republican lawmakers will meet with the president across the street from the white house at blair house. the obama administration recently unveiled a revamped reform plan. it would cover 31 million uninsured americans. democrat have been looking to persuade house members to pas legislation passed by the senate in december. we will stream the summit live on there is a major step towards marriage equality some maryland. the attorney general has directed state agencies to start recognizing out of state gay marriages at least for
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right now. he wrote a 45-page document outlining his intern rotation of maryland law on that issue. some lawmaker say his opinion undermines the authority of the general assembly but he says it will ultimately be resolved in the courts. the starting date of legalized gay marriage in the district has been pushed back one day. march #rd is when they will start accepting applications. couples will have to wait three full business days to receive the licenses. the killer whale at a cecil's world who attacked and kill a trainer. this is home video -- well, this is a still photo taken from that moment before the tax which happened in front of park visit irs. one visitor says sated that trainer was in the holding area when the whale jumped up, grabbed her and dragrded her into the water. >> when he pulled her, i knew he pulled her. i screamed he took her under.
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>> it seemed surreal. that the whole thing happened. a nice day down at sea world and couldn't believe what we were seeing. >> the orlando park will be open today. here is that home video. but killer we'll shows are suspended at all sea world parks. officials say the whale involved in the attack was previously involved in the deaths of two other humans. no word on what will happen to that whale now. today, federal investigators wrap up a thee- day hearing into metro's u.n. secretary general kofi annan at this woes. the central issue is how the transit agency's automatic train control system performs. device failed to detect that two train were too close to one another before that deadly crash in june that killed nine people. in yesterday's testimony, we learned the manufacturer had warned metro well above lastier's equipment not to mick equipment with parts from other companies but metro did it anyway. a disturbing death in northern virginia as a prince william county man is dead after being struck by two cars and dragged for several miles.
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police say henry humphries was trying to cross centreville road in manassas but he was hit by a consider. another car came along and hit him again dragging him to a home in fairfax. that dver is facing charges. fair fact county police still searching for the driver who hit and killed a 49-year- old man in tyson corner. he man was found dead in the road with strike debris. investigators believe the car that struck him is a silver or beige honda accord likely between a 199and 2002 model. that vehicle should be missing its driver's side front bumper. other stories making headlines at nine minutes after 5:00 this morning ark sporty new affordable ybrid is about to hit the streets overseas. we'll tell you when it will be here in the u.s. new developments in the fight against terrorism. first, another look outside. some flurries are starting to fall in the area. we'll take a look at 66 at the tr bridge. 
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welcome back. this is northwest washington as those snow flurries continue to fall out there. not expected to be a big deal today. the wind, however, are going to
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be the big story. we'll talk to tucker and tony about that in just awe few minutes. think green and think sporty. honda's new crz hybrid goes to sale tomorrow. this is the two-door hatchback. it will get on sale in the united states and europe by mid- year. the basic model is being sold for just over $25,000 in japan. they han'set prices elsewhere yet. the urveillance and seizure provisions within the counterterrorism law were set to expire at the end of the month. the bill now head to the house. dick cheney out of a d.c. hospital just days after suffering a mild heart attack. a spokesman for the former vice president says he is feeling well and will be back to his normal schedule soon. this was his fifth heart attack. his first happened when he was just 37 years old. he also has had several past heart procedures. the annual white house easter egg roll is a little more than a month away. but today, you could start
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trying to get those coveted tickets. we'll have details next. construction of a major local road project a bit behind schedule so we'll get a progress report. >> and we'll detail what is happening with our weather today. the wind will be picking up. that will be impressive. and julie wright is here with a look at traffic. stay with us. we'll be right back. brendon: did you know that last year walmart contributed to every eligible full-time and part-time associate's 401(k)... ...whether the associate contributed or not. vo: which makes a good job even better. save money. live better. walmart.
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that when you include all the full-time and part-time associates and their family members covered under walmart's healthcare plan, that's over 1 million people? brendon: and that's a healthier outlook for everyone. save money. live better. walmart.
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the annual white house easter egg roll just around the corner. starting today, you can enter the lottery on-line for a chance to go. there will be music and activities and the rolling and tossing occasionally of the egg. this year's event will be held on april 5th. wonder if the video is from last year. i don't know. a little bit of snow falling
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out there this morning. a live look outside. that is northwest washington. the flurries not really not a whole lot. , insignificant i guess is what i would say about that. >> here in washington, that is the case. most of this action is going to be to the east. here in d.c., a few snowflakes here and there. a little bit of drizzle or light rain here and there as well. our temperatures are well into the 30s so we're in the seeing snow. what snow we're seeing certainly is not sticking. not a big deal for washington. our view irs to the east, many viewers to the east across the eastern shore, that is where you are see something snow and mixed precipitation there as well. the first thing i want to mention is that the winter weather advisory has just been taken down for the washington area so we are no longer under a winter weather advisory. there is still an advisory in effect for the east along the eastern shore, eastern portions of maryland and still a winter storm warning well to the north an east of our region. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll show you where the precipitation is at this hour
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and what kind it is too. all right. there you go. doing exactly what w said it was going to do. in washington, nothing happening right now. i thought we would see a few more flurries than what we've seen. off to the east, this is where you are get something snow. this is mixed precipitation here. likely some light rain for the most part and then you've got your snow over across portions of eastern maryland and into delaware as well. so that is where we're seeing the snow activity this morning. that is where you could see some light accumulations of snow. again, the farther north and east you go, that is where you are really going to see some significant snow. lets aget back to the graphics, the maps, i'm show you the temperatures. 35degrees now in washington. so we have dropped off a little bit but you will note nearly all of these temperatures are above freezing. we are at the freezing point in gaithersburg way out in company we areland, maryland. most of these temperatures are above freezing that. will make this snow light. it won't stick much and it is not going to be a big deal for
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most of the washington area over to the east, some more. a little bit more snow. satellite-radar picture for the eastern united states. we can show you the whole system here. area of low pressure moving up the coast. now, this coastal storm is going to do what all these coastal storms have done. that area of low pressure is going to deepen and drop and it will intensify the winds and the precipitation. the difference from this storm and the previous storms that we've seen, all of this is going to happen further to the north. so we're in the going to bear the brunt of it. they're going to get the brunt of it in the northeastern united states. it will whip around. we'll get strong winds developing today into tonight, into tomorrow. maybe some more precipitation bands coming through but not a big deal for us. here is a look at the forecast for today then. we put it all together for you. this is what it looks like. cloudy skies but you may see a few rays of sun later today
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becoming quite windy with the wind coming out of the northwest 15 to 20. gusting up to about 35 miles per hour today. for tonight, here is what we're looking at. a few snow showers possible because of that rotation, could bring some more snow through. very windy. winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour tonight. your overnight low in town about 30 degrees. tomorrow, still got to put the chance of some snow showers in there but again, this isling or no accumulation for most of our region. out to the east, awe little bit more. 39 tomorrow. then over the weekend, i think things quiet down. still, temperature below normal. that is what is happen with the weather. now, let's find out what is happening on the roads. look at you. you look wonderful, julie. you look like you're going to a business luncheon or something. i just like your outsfit. >> shh! >> okay. one of those deals. >> eastbound on 50 headed out towards the bay bridge, all
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lanes are ope townsend southbound 270 in the clear. as the snow continues to fall around the area, we are mainly finding wet roads. elevated passages ten to freeze before anything else so do make note of that. 395 northbound between disiewk duke -- between duke street and seminary road. that's a check of your fox on-time traffic. >> thank you sow. a shot after lifetime if a local high school student. >> you can still see the score of this high school basketball game right up there on the board. it wasn't particularly close but there was a whole lot of drama. it was all about heart.
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a maryland high school parent's appearance in one basketball game delivered a moment that no one will ever forget. >> beth parkers has our story. >> reporter: it is one thing to win. it's another to win the tyler debreezeway. you see, it has been quite a journey. tyler has cerebral palsy. each year, he tried out for the high school basketball team and never made it. he work as the team manager but he never gave up. >> i always wanted to come and like still on the court, that was one of my dreams. >> reporter: tuesday night was
5:26 am
senior night, the final game of tyler's career. his coach, tom craft, gave tyler the school's one leftover uniformed an near the end of the first quarter put him in the game. >> it was like the best day of my life. >> reporter: but tyler missed both of the shots. with the playoff on the line, the coach never planned to put him back in. >> you could see the look on his face. he felt like he had failed. i said are you all right? i said we're going to get you back in. >> rebounding and defend is about what you got in your heart and how hard you want to work. there is no question they were working hard for tyler. >> reporter: the crowe was chanting tyler's name. >> they were jt saying like we want t. >> reporter: with a bigger lead and minute left in the game, tyler did go back in and with just a fall seconds left. >> i was pretty wide open. he passed to me. when the coach saw the pss, he thought only one thing. shoot, shoot. >> tyler did and he scored at
5:27 am
the buzzer. >> i can't believe it happened. i fell like michael jordan. >> his family and friends tackle him. >> i want to thank my coach and all my players for making this dream come true because this is like all i've ever wanted. >> what did the coach feel at that moment? >> like i was one of the luckiest people in the world. i knew what that meant to tile year i got a little teary-eyed because he lives down street from me and whenever i would walk out you would hear the ball bouncing. that's tyler. >> reporter: this is gym class the next day. the score of the game still up there on the board. eventually, those numbers will disappear but there is no reset button you could hit that will erase what people have learned here. >> iust want to get out there and represent all those people who have a disability and all those people who tried out for the basketball team and never made it. >> reporter: the high school heads to the playoff now. they may win but they will
5:28 am
never score bigger than this. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> a great story. >> very nice. we have much more still ahead on fox 5 morning news. hi. i'm jim perdue. in case of everyday emergencies... guys, go get changed! ...or soccer practice, it's important to be prepared for dinner.
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traffic looking pretty good right now on 395 just off edsall road right now. can you see the roadways are wet from what was basically
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rain falling in virginia overnight. some flurries elsewhere. so far, not in terrible shape this morning. >> just enough to annoy you when you have to turn the windshield wiper on. >> exactly right here in washington and to the point to the west. this is an interesting storm. this is one of those storms that, if it is 0 miles more to the west, it means a whole different thing for washington. a little further to the east. and that is what we're seeing. want to show you hd radar. if you live in the district or to the west, fairfax county, loudoun county, even much of montgomery county, wherever, there is not much going on. a little bit of a sprinkle, couple of flurries or two. that is it. off to the east, there is light snow falling an farther out to the east, there is heavier snow. this hd radar is showing you in real timwhat is happening. i mentioned a few moments ago, the winter weather advisory that was in effect for us has now been taken down. a winter storm warning remains
5:32 am
in effect for well out to the east. it includes the maryland beaches, cities like cambridge, salisbury, owe hen city and those areas, they are likely to bet one to three inches of snow today during the day and then maybe another one to three tonight into tomorrow. some of our viewers have the potential to get up to six inches of snow. here in washington, no, nothing like that at all. we'll get some strong wind coming through and some occasional snow showers an main some rain showers too but that will be about it. a big difference depending on where you are. let's take a look at the satellite-radar composite for the eastern united states. can you see the whole storm system there. that is the latest on the advisories. tucker barnes just updated that for us. it is showing you the areas covered by that winter storm warning. there you go. again, we keep emphasizing this. the bulk of this will impact the northeastern united states, new york city, new york state,
5:33 am
connecticut, places like that. northern new jersey. they will get several inches, maybe a foot of snow or more in some locations. this is for them what we had a couple of week ago because the wind will be very strong too. right now, here, not much going o current temperature in washington, 5 degrees. relative humidity, 58%. wind are out of the northwest at 10. i think the most dramatic thing you ill see is the increase in wind speeds. by later on tonight, they will be gusting up to about 35 miles per hour. some morning snow for today. some rain, some clouds. maybe even a little snow for some of you later on. but continued snow out across the eastern shore and eastern portions of maryland becoming quite windy. high today about 40 degrees. there is a lot going on. >> there is a lot going on. thank you. busy day with you. lets sea see if it is busy for julie. -- let's see if it s a busy day for julie.
5:34 am
>> 395 northbound north of duke street, accident activity still in play. two left lane are blocked. traffic jimmed up north of edsall road head up towards the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. so we've alreadien dured several feet of snow this winter. now, a few more flakes might be enough to push some people to their limits. >> i think it is called snow fatigue. how can you get over all the winter blues. sarah similar monday is live in silver spring. are you going to help us out with that or just took about the road crews getting ready. >> i can tell you i think to get over the winter blues is just be thankful that right now it is actually pretty quiet here in the d.c. region. it is not that bad out here. can i tell you though they are prepared here. the domes have been restocked with salt and we do have a front end loader here on stand by for any trucks that come in to restock with salt. but as you know, whenever we get the massive snowstorms, although we're kind of escaping pretty much the biggest part of this, a lot of people jus rush
5:35 am
to the store to get their basic food and the basic essentials, that type of thing. well, yesterday, when we were out, we really didn't see too much of that. but there were places that were seeing a run on snow shovels. so people are panicking with the idea of more snow. and a psychotherapist was saying that some people associate the snow with dangerous conditio, crowds at the stores and i sends everyone into a frenzy. >> what basically happens is the experience we've had is it imitates helplessness. that is a knowledge response to fear. nobody want to be without food. nobody wants to be without the things that make them feel comfortable. so it is a healthy thing. ments a defensive reaction. >> reporter: but we can take comfort in today that it appears as though we will escape the worst it was as tony has said. a couple of inches is what
5:36 am
we're expecting. the thing you might want to be more cognizant of though is the win that is expected to kick up later on today. so be prepared for that. back to you guys. >> thank you. another big story we're following on this thursday morning, president obama is going to meet with republican and democratic lawmaker today to talk health care. the president hopes the bipartisan summit will jump start the stalled legislation which seek to provide health insurance coverage to nearly all americans. democrats, who are one vote short of the number needed to stop republican filibuster are hoping to persuade house members to approve legislation passed by the senate in december. it is being broaast live and we'll be streeping this live on beginning at 10:00 this morning. a hoare buying scene at sea world orlando. a killer whale attack and killed a trainer. that is not all. it is the third time this orca has been involved in the death of a human. fox 5's bob barnard has more.
5:37 am
>> reporter: this is the killer orca. his name is tilikum. in an isolation tank at sea world in orlando. orange county florida homicide investigators are on scene heading up the death investigationan trainer dawn brancheau was attacked and killed in front of hundreds of horrified guests. >> the show had long ended. i screamed he took her under. i yelled it a few times. and then someone else said it too and then the other trainer jumped into action. >> reporter: trainer brancheau was killed around 2:00 wednesday afternoon soon after one tour out shot this home video. >> it is with great sadness that i report that one of our most experiences animal trainers drowned in an incident with one of our killer whales this afternoon. we've initiated an investigation to determine to the extent possible what occurred. >> reporter: tilikum was captured off the coast of iceland in 1983 and he has killed two other people. a if he female whale rain trainer at a canadian water
5:38 am
park 19 years ago this week and in july 1999 fatally wounding danial duke when who had snuck in to sea world orlando after hours. >> this is an extraordinary difficult time for our sea word park and our team. please get back to us. we have lost a member of our family. we'll get back to you as soon as we have more information. >> sea world has suspended the killer whale shows at all of its parks. toyota make its case before congress and another automaker is now warning customers about one. its popular models. >> we'll have details on that coming up next. first, the financial situation. the dow and the nasdaq up on wednesday. stocks in tokyo down overnight about 97 points on the nkei. we are back with more of fox 5 morning news after this. vo: which makes a good job even better. save money. live better. walmart.
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that wn you include all the full-time and part-time associates and their family members covered under walmart's healthcare plan, that's over 1 million people? brendon: and that's a healthier outlook for everyone. save money. live better. walmart. the federal hearing into june's metro crash wrapped up today. mhz is on track to receive new railcars with a steinless industrial structure with stand the type of crash that killed nine people last june. the arrival of those dollars is three years away. we learned that metro was warned not to mix parts from different manufacturers in maintaining the automatic control system. devices withinhat system failed to detect that two trains were too close to one another before lastier's accidents. experts say congressional testimony by the head of toyota
5:42 am
doesn't even approach approach closing the book on safety concerns. one analyst says there is a very large bull's eye pinned to toyota right now. its lawyers are bracing for waves of deaths and injury lawsuits. the senate will conduct a new heang next week. a new alert for chrysler customers this morning. the car company has found a potential defect with crash sensors that control the air bags on more than 350,000 minivans. those sensors can crack and fail. n.2005 and 2006 town and country dodge grand caravan models. it is not an official recall but chrysler says you do need to contact your dealer in june to have the sensors replaced. the cpany needs time to distribute those parts. another unpleasant side effect for all of this snow. some plows are leaving behind damage and not just to the streets. we'll tell what you to do if your property was damaged by the plows. we'll check out your morning commute for you and traffic. morning commute, that is the traffic i suppose. antoney is getting a check on the weather for us when we come back.
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a few flurries falling in northwest tease as we take a
5:46 am
look at what is happening along wisconsin avenue. garrett county will dismiss three hours early today. but you will still go to school on time. >> that is about the most intense snowfall we've seen. >> yes, so far. >> most of the precipitation is off to the east. a couple of light flurries an a couple of drops of rain here and there as well. kind of a mixed bag. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll show you where we're seeing the precipitation at this hour. and then we'll show you what we expect to see later on today. there you go. it is all off to the east across the chesapeake bay, eastern maryland. some portions along the beach areas, owe someone city, rehoboth. ments a pretty big system but again, it is out to the east so not impacting many -- some of of our viewers. but if you are off to the east, getting it. a lot of rain off the coast. including some verdicts areas of -- including some areas of
5:47 am
very heavy rain. this is a mess here. we call it young sometimes. it is a mixed bag of some sleet, snow, rainfall. that is what you are seeing there. there is some snowfall again across the chesapeake bay, cambridge, salisbury, ocean city. the district, although it doesn't remain dry because there is a little bit of moisture in the air andome snowflakes coming down, not much of anything happening there. current temperatures around the region, they factor in significantly because those temperatures are at or above freezing pretty much everywhere. everywhere on this map, temperature at or above freezing. winchester, 32. cumberland, 32. here it is 35. always your storm system. get ready for it, northeastern united states because you will get some very strong gusty winds, blizzard conditio an significant snowfall across new york city, northern new jersey,
5:48 am
up into new york state, portions of connecticut, western portions of massachusetts, places like that. this will continue to whip around and swing spun so we can't rule out light precipitation today, tomorrow and even into tomorrow. take a look. here is our futurecast. it does show you that light snow across the region early this morning. these represent the winds. can you see they pick up p we'll see bundz blowing or -- we'll see winds blowing or gusting up to 35 mil per hour tonight. d.c. in the clear for the snow p even by saturday evening, still some snow out to the mountains. the forecast for today, it really depends on where you are. early snow and rain. then mostly cloudy skies, becoming windy today. high about 40-degree. significant snowfall amounts would be to the east in eastern maryland, delaware, along the
5:49 am
beaches, places like that. maybe one to three inches of snow today. more tonight into tomorrow. snow showers still possible tonight. 0-degree for your overnight low in town. gusting up to 40 miles per hour. five-day forecast, tomorrow, some more snow showers are possible here and there. but little or no accumulation except to the east. saturday and sunday, we think are quiet but we've got below normal temperatures as we head into next week. that is what is happening with the weather. let's go to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> lots to talk about right now especially for those that are travel ago long the beltway. you will find lane are open and a lot of crews on stand-by just in case. right now, what we're finding is mainly wet roads along the stop stretch of the beltway between bethesda and college park. just in case the conditions change, one example here at the beltway at connecticut avenue. just a five of those spots where you are likely to find the salt trucks there. accident activity still in play. this is northbound 359 in the main line as you try to work
5:50 am
your wa northbound and head up towards seminary road. two left lanes are blocked. delays beginning back at edsall road. rub are nexting delays in the hovs as you continue northbound. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the recent snow partially to blame for the speed bum np construct on the icc. a spokesperson saws work is behind schedule because of rough winter and last year's rainy range spring as well. no word exactly how far behind schedule the project is. hope is to open the first sent- mile section later this year. >> snow and ice can cause all kind of damage but so do the plows. the question is who foots bill for that. home owner's insurance should cover most of it. if you had some property damage from the storms, melanie alnwick has what you need to know to get action and get it fixed. >> reporter: after the relentless scraping of streets, the snow mounds are begunking to melt revealing sometimes an ugly mess underneath.
5:51 am
lawns covered with chunks of curbs an more than a few mailboxes knocked askew. local transportation departments told us if their plows did t they'll pay for it. this pile of asphalt used to be this driveway. now, documenting damage like this is easy. but proving who is responsible may not be. first, you will need to document with photos, dates, times, cause of damage and estimates of repair costs. in some cases though, without an eyewitness, it may be hard to prove fault. contractors are working in many neighborhoods to clean up the mess the winner storms left behind. broken trees and bent or hanging gutters are common. home owners are making repairs while they wait for insurance claims. john creel says that means the shady operators are combing the streets looking for a quick buck. >> what i want people to do is take their time. if the tree is not laying on the house, it is just ugly, not
5:52 am
dangerous, let things cool off a little bit. the prices will settle down and you will end up getting your issue repaired and resolved much better, much safer and much cheaper. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> and another word of advice to always check with your local home up prompt commission before you hire somebody to make repairs to your home. we put that information and links for how to file a snow plow damage claim on our web site, the maryland terps have been impressive at home especially as of late but the clemson tyke tigers didn't seem to care last night. but could the terps come back again. we have highlights coming up again. 
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in sports, it was a big night for the maryland terps who rallied pray 15-point deficit to clemson. sean moseley with 20. the terps now 14-1 at home including 7-0 in. acc. george washington hosting lasalle at the smith center. first half, gw working it around the perimeter. there is the opening of the game. they will get it around the perimeter now to the roosevelt grad. gw with a big game from duane smith who came off the bench, drilled this jumper to two of
5:56 am
his 21 point. the slopials defeat lasalle. virginia tech on the road at boston college. it is jackson going ahead. the wizards went ahead and reached a buyout agreement with ogaskas. memphis in town last night. not a lot of crowd there but memphis was there. first half, wizards down nine. nick young up top. nice spin move. drives to the hoop for the dunk and the foul. andy foy penetrates. these it down for 10, two of
5:57 am
his 10. wizards build up a lead. did not last though. gay with 20 points. wizards lose to the grizzlies. memphis, four straight win again the wizards. the u.s. beat switzerland 2- 0 to advance to the olympic hockey seam you finals. canada ended 50 years of hockey frustration by betting the world champions 7-3. ovechkin up against crosby. neither had a point. the caps boast the best record in hockey rite now with 90 points. straight ahead at #:00, just a few snow flurries out there. we'll get an update from tony. we do have good news as far as that winter storm warning we were keeping a close eye on. that is gone now. still some snow in northwest d.c. we're back after this. 
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